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Charlie Vernon is a leading speaker coach and presentation skills expert based in the U.K. Charlie works with a wide range of clients, including global tech companies, top 50 U.K law firms, high profile private clients and many of the U.K’s leading business schools and universities. 


Charlie works both internationally and in the U.K, offering speaker coaching on both an individual basis and to larger group workshops.  This bespoke coaching is delivered both face to face and now, during this period of international crisis Charlie is supporting her clients delivering coaching remotely. 


Charlie truly understands the unique challenges that one is faced with when having to speak in front of a live audience, whether this is for a large-scale event, a pitch, presentation or an interview. 

Charlie believes in the ethos that you learn by doing. Her coaching sessions are innovative, practical and engaging. This allows teams and individuals to make quick, impactful and most importantly, long lasting changes to their personal and professional development.  

An integral part of the coaching that Charlie delivers includes live filming. Delivering short presentations to camera and watching the footage back live, with in-depth critique and feedback, allows the client to see for themselves the changes they need to make. This is a really enjoyable, practical way of learning with instant benefits. 


This training method focuses on ‘The Speaker’. How, you, the speaker can make maximum impact and engage an audience, by specifically focusing on your delivery style. How to overcome your fear of public speaking, enabling you to deliver presentations and speeches with great success, even when you are under immense pressure. 


Charlie began her career in broadcasting, where she worked for ten years both in front and behind the camera. Clients included the BBC, Channel 5 and Sky Sports. 


Charlie has provided training for speakers ahead of global conferences, including Mendix World and Alteryx Inspire Europe. Charlie is currently delivering careers coaching remotely to candidates at Cambridge University, Judge Business School on the Masters of Finance programme and later this year will be starting as a coach on the elite MBA programme at the University of Bath. 

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Charlie provides face to face, virtual and blended training programmes in the form of group workshops, virtual lectures and 1-2-1 coaching sessions. All of the training delivered is highly practical and interactive with bespoke exercises tailored to each clients specific needs. Fully bespoke coaching programmes are available on request if you are looking to customise your learning content. 

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Please note that all of the services below are now available remotely.



As a leading speaker coach, Charlie will work with speakers to develop a strong and powerful delivery style, enabling them to capture the attention of a global audience when speaking at a live event. This includes the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, pace, the effective use of deliberate movement, how to be concise but impactful with your content and how to bring life and enthusiasm to your narrative. Charlie has most recently trained speakers ahead of global conferences Mendix World and Alteryx Inspire Europe. 



Learn how to stand up and deliver your presentation with real skill and complete confidence. Explore different presentation styles and techniques that will allow you to truly refine your delivery. Explore the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication and look at how to bring life to everything you say. Knowing how to effectively interact with and engage your audience and lead a positive Q&A is vitally important, as well as learning how to confidently deal with any difficult questions that might arise during your pitch or presentation. 




In this digital era, the importance of being able to present and communicate across a multitude of online platforms is crucial. In this training, learn how to present to camera with real confidence to make maximum professional impact, how to successfully engage and connect with your online audience and how to set up the virtual space effectively to enhance your delivery. This session is for any professional looking to develop their skill set for when presenting to camera for the use of online meetings, pitches, or presentations. 



Companies world wide are now using video interviews as a means of recruiting new employees. Knowing how to deliver a well polished video interview is vitally important, particularly in today's highly competitive job market. Frequently utilised by many of the U.K's leading business schools and universities, this training will provide candidates with all the necessary skills to approach a video interview with absolute confidence. From preparation techniques, all the way through to live interview questions and take away exercises for further professional development outside of the session. 

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For many of us, giving a live media interview can be a daunting and sometimes highly stressful task, however it doesn't need to be. Learn how to successfully communicate to camera and different media outlets to deliver your answers with true confidence. This media training will provide you with all the important tools you need in order to deliver a professional and confident interview and importantly showcase your expertise correctly in order to portray your best professional self at all times. Currently available remotely on a 1-2-1 basis or small group remote delivery. 

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As a senior leader in my industry I was already confident in my communication and presentation skills although they were always accompanied by a low level of nerves which sometimes played through. I was seeking a way to help settle these nerves as well as move from competence to excellence. Charlie worked with me on a private basis where she covered core skills, gave feedback on my approach and style and also helped with strategies to create and execute a presentation to members of our c-suite. Across just a handful of sessions the skills learned and coaching given was game-changing. I've accepted that I'll always have butterflies before a big presentation or speaking in front of a a large group (even remotely!), however I now acknowledge them and allow them to settle. I've also made tweaks to how I hold myself, evolved my pace and tone as well as having a keen eye on the 'watch outs'. If you want to take yourself to the next level in presenting, or have a specific project you are working on, I recommend Charlie. 

Amanda, Commercial Director, Financial Services 

2018 we organised a 1600 people user group for a Data Analytics Company - Alteryx based in the USA. As part of the organisation we offered speaker training for the Presenters at the 3 day conference. Charlie ran a Webex Training course and assisted with Presenters specific requirements. The feed back was amazing. Charlie was approachable, attentive, dynamic and helped the presenters deliver some amazing presentations. We have already booked Charlie for the 2019 conference which will be held in London again

Chris Smart, Director, Event Exchange 

What a burst energy our group got from working with Charlie to improve our public speaking skills for the Mendix World in April. We were all put out of our comfort zone, recorded on camera and analysed. Some feedback was rather 'to the point' and very true. She gave us very practical pointers, do's and more important the absolute dont's. The way she involved all of us was contagious and we left our 4 hour-training very upbeat and confident that we would be able to deliver what we have in mind for #MendixWorld. Would recommend this for everybody who has to do powerpoint presentations to larger groups. Would do it again tomorrow if the opportunity would 'present' itself.

Mark Roemers, Founder, AntTail.com

With the help of Charlie's professional advice, I landed a summer internship in a hedge fund. Charlie is one of the most engaging and enthusiastic speakers I have ever encountered. She provided me with personalised and practical feedback in both the video interview skills and presentation skills sessions. Charlie was able to push my interview skills to another level with each mock interview practice. 

Justin Chan, Master of Finance Candidate 2020, University of Cambridge

The growth of my business coupled with the changes that COVID brought to the way we work together meant that I was faced with the increasingly inevitable need to use video as a way to get messages out effectively to employees and prospective clients. However, the prospect of talking to camera terrified me. In just 3 hour-long sessions, Charlie transformed me from an extremely camera shy, stilted and hesitant presenter to an animated, confident and relaxed communicator. I am no longer daunted by the prospect of presenting on camera and am even looking for further ways I can use video to help my business grow. It’s all down to Charlie, her knowledge of her subject, her ability to break it all down into small steps that make a big difference, and the way she keeps everything light-hearted and, dare I say it, fun. 

Ian Willis, CEO



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